Episode 89: Let’s Talk About Cheating

Academic dishonesty takes many forms these days – so many, in fact, that it’s hard for students to know what’s dishonest and what’s not. It’s also getting harder for teachers to teach students what’s cheating and what’s not, and there are multiple reasons for this. In this episode, Adam and Dinur go over the main forms of cheating seen in college, the reasons it happens, and how to make cheating less appealing and less likely in the future.

Show Notes
Pedagogy Unbound: An Exercise in Plagiarism
Carnegie Mellon Eberly Center: On Cheating
Edutopia: Why Students Cheat and What to Do About It
Joinknack: Why Students Cheat
VOA News: Cheating in US Colleges and Universities
FacultyFocus: Challenging the Two-Hour Studying Rule
Simkin and McLeod: Why Do College Students Cheat
Best Value Schools: The Reality of Cheating in College

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