Episode 123: How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is the bane of many students’ existence. You think you’re on top of things, and suddenly the due date is right on top of you! Worse yet, it makes you feel like you were lazy or stupid or just irresponsible – other people stay on top of their commitments, right? So why can’t you?  […]

Episode 122: Getting Students Participating in Online Discussions

When you’re teaching a class online, discussion boards are a common tool. But what do you do when students don’t participate? In this episode, Dinur and Adam talk about the different reasons students don’t participate and some solutions for those problems, and also provide some tips to students! Show Notes Online Learning Insights: “Why Students […]

Episode 121: Should You Use Public Transportation?

What are the advantages of using public transportation when you’re a student? Join Dinur and Adam as we discuss this issue. Show Notes Remix.com, “8 Benefits of Public Transportation” Transloc.com, “The Benefits and Challenges of Students Using Public Transportation”

Episode 120: Should You Change Your Major?

You entered college expecting to major in something (be it engineering, criminal justice, art history, or literally anything else). But a few courses in, and the material just isn’t clicking for you or isn’t as interesting as you had hoped. When should you change your major? Join Adam and Dinur as we discuss this question! […]

Episode 119: Twice Exceptional

Twice-exceptional, in a broad sense, means a student who is both gifted in at least one area, and disabled as well. Join Adam and Dinur as we talk about what it means to be twice-exceptional when you’re in college. Show Notes Scientific American, “The Twice Exceptional Movement” Lamar University, “What Teachers Need to Know About […]

Episode 118: How to Thank Your Professors

You’ve had a class that was just absolutely fantastic, and you’d like your professor to know it. What are the best ways of showing that appreciation? Believe it or not, there are good and bad ways – join Dinur and Adam as we discuss them! Show Notes No show notes this episode

Episode 117: There’s No Such Thing as “Lazy”

The word “lazy” is a pretty nasty word. It’s negative and abusive. So why do we use it so much? Join Dinur and Adam as we discuss what “lazy” actually means, what we think it means, and what to do about it. Show Notes Medium.com, “Laziness Does Not Exist” Devon Price, Laziness Does Not Exist […]

Episode 116: FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out

How do you decide what to keep and do, and what to ignore and discard, as a college student? The heart of this question is FOMO, or the fear of missing out. Join Adam and Dinur as we discuss what FOMO is and how to combat it when you’re in college! Show Notes Bloomwork.com, “Beware […]

Episode 115: Handling Stress and Staying Focused in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created stressful and overwhelming challenges, which can cause strong emotions in adults and children. But learning to cope with stress in a healthy way will make you, the people you care about, and those around you become more resilient. Join Dinur and Adam as we go over guidelines from the World […]

Episode 114: How to Manage Work AND School

You’re working part time or full time, taking classes, and potentially taking care of family. How will you manage your stress so your grades stay good and that you don’t burn out at work? Join Adam and Dinur as we discuss this issue! Show Notes Florida National University, How to Manage Stress When You Study […]

Episode 113: College Presentations and Social Anxiety

The dreaded word “presentation” strikes fear into the hearts of many students, especially when they have social anxiety. But there are ways to handle it and give a great presentation! Join Adam and Dinur as we talk about some ways to address presentation anxiety. Show Notes University of Pittsburgh, Speech Anxiety Harvard Business Review, Overcome Your […]

Episode 112: How to Handle Finals Week

Finals week is an extremely stressful time for both professors and students, because of the sense of being overwhelmed. How can we make finals week a little less awful for teachers and students? Join Dinur and Adam as we discuss this issue! Show Notes Herzing.edu, “How to Create Your Own Study Guide” UndergraduatesWrite, “Asking Teachers […]

Episode 111: How to Handle Mistakes

Some mistakes are just embarrassing, and some have possible effects on your grade, your degree, or worse. How do you approach your professor when you’ve made a mistake? Listen to Dinur and Adam talk about different kinds of mistakes and how to handle them!  Show Notes No show notes this episode

Episode 110: Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch is hard enough when we’re all on campus. But how do you maintain solid relationships with classmates, peers, and professors in the middle of a pandemic? Join Dinur and Adam as we talk about how to handle this problem! Show Notes Timely’s Self-Care Tips for College Students Ways to Stay Connected During […]

Episode 109: How to Handle Final Exams

Many students panic over finals – and it’s not surprising. Finals can make or break your class grade in many classes, and some students get themselves into a total panic about them. But it’s important to know that you can handle finals. Join Adam and Dinur for some final-exam prep strategies! Show Notes Herzing University’s […]

Episode 108: How to Narrow Your Scope

Many students come up with great topics and arguments for their essays and research papers. The topics are timely, they’re important, they’re interesting. The problem is, these topics are also big enough that they will not fit in a ten-page paper! How do you handle this? Join Adam and Dinur for some help. Show Notes […]

Episode 107: How to Study Effectively on Zoom

Now that learning is all online, how do you keep your focus on a lecture instead of surfing Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other sites while in class? How do you study effectively when you’re in Zoom? Join Dinur and Adam as we talk about some ways to do just that!  Show Notes Getting the Most […]

Episode 106: Knowing When Too Much is Too Much

When is too much, too much? When does a student know what is the right number of classes and clubs to take? Now that learning is all online, should students take advantage of this and take more courses or clubs now that they don’t have to do it in-person and commute to get to class? Join […]

Episode 105: How Sleep Affects Learning

Many students put off sleep to do other things that seem more important. And we’ve all had that late-night cramming session at least once! But what actually happens to your ability to learn and retain information when you’re not getting enough sleep compared to when you actually do get your full eight hours of shut-eye? […]

Episode 104: Writing as Construction – The Final Draft

Your final draft needs to be three things: clear, concise, and complete. If you’re missing any of these, your draft isn’t final yet. But what does it mean to be clear, concise, and complete? Join Adam and Dinur as we talk about how to go from your first to your final draft. Show Notes Commonly […]