What Parents Have to Say…

“Our high schooler’s ADHD led to a continuous cycle of procrastination, late assignments, too little sleep and under performing in school. Dr. Sanford was just what we needed to turn this bus around. He quickly sized up the situation and got our student moving. He provided intensive 1:1 Skype coaching to build skills in prioritizing, time management, creating and keeping a schedule, accountability, study skills…. Dr. Sanford has a wealth of knowledge and pointed us to many useful tools and websites. His help has been tremendous.  Many thanks!” – Linda, parent of high school client

“My sense is that our schools overlook the need for young students to be provided guidance and instruction on how to effectively engage and study the material they are being taught. This became apparent during our daughter’s sophomore year in a highly-academic high school. Dr. Sanford’s program helps bridge the gap.  We were extremely fortunate to find him and the one-on-one instruction  he provides. I know that the skills he worked on with our daughter will ease her transition to college and help support her success when she starts.  Some of what Dr. Sanford advises is quite different from the common sense way that people might “study,” but he is always able to explain why his suggestions are sensible. Using  Skype to provide instruction is efficient and convenient, and Dr. Sanford is quite flexible scheduling appointments. I would definitely recommend anyone experiencing academic difficulty take the time to speak to Dr. Sanford about how he can potentially help.  Also,  I think many students would be well-advised to seek him out before they start college or run into trouble!” –  Dan and Karen, parents of high-school client

“We are both very happy with your services/support; he has benefited from your coaching.” – Yoshii, parent of new college freshman client

What Students Have to Say…

“Adam walked me through steps I can take regarding time management, commitments to the work that I had to do… what I can do to motivate myself to get the work that needed to be gotten done, done – and properly complete bigger and smaller projects as efficiently and thoroughly as it can be done, without anxieties or deterrents, both internal and external.” – Eli, college client

“As both a non-traditional student and a student researcher, I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of academic writing. I did well in English classes, but the gap between high school term papers and original research is massive. Adam was with me every step of my first major research project, from study design to conference presentation. Adam helped me take a vague but enthusiastic idea and turn it into a submitted paper and a conference presentation. Checking in at planning, data collection, writing, and editing stages kept the project under control. Adam’s help was invaluable and I recommend his services to anyone.” – Jenna, college client

“I notice that there’s progress. I always have a plan now. Every time I come off a session now, I’m always thinking of what I need to do next.” – William, high-school client

“If I had to pick the most valuable part of your class, it would be the writing [course] and the successful student [course]. A lot of what they said seems like it should be common sense, but I know plenty of people (including myself) who don’t practice healthy academic habits.” – Eleanor, college student

“[A] great learning experience.” – Ryan, college student

“When I started Professor Sanford’s class I liked to think of myself as a relatively talented writer. I had always enjoyed writing and legitimately thought I wouldn’t get much out of the lessons; however, I learned an incredible amount, not just about the process of writing, but also the different methods and importance of research. I know from my own experiences, as well as from those of my class mates, that no matter what level of writer you begin at, there is a benefit to taking Professor Sanford’s writing workshops.” – Brennan, college student

“You really do care about us succeeding not only in your course but in life.” – Steven, college student