Episode 4: Intellectual Bulimia

In this episode, Dinur and Adam discuss the ever-present student method of “studying” – cramming – which is something that the high school mindset almost demands. But when you get into college prep and college, it stops working! Join us as we talk about how to stop cramming and start studying – and how to help your students through this process!

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Show Notes

Questions to make a study plan:
What class is this exam in?
What format is it in (multiple choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, essay, short answer, something else?)
Is your teacher going to provide a study guide?
What materials do you need to prepare for the exam?
What study tools will you create to prepare for this exam?
How will you use that study tool or the study tools (when, where, how)?
How will you know that you’re ready for the exam?

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