Episode 137: Four Common Self-Respect Mistakes First-Year Students Make

In this week’s episode, Dinur and Adam talk about the common mistakes first-year students when they don’t have enough self-respect. These mistakes include having too many distractions, not having a support system in place, not getting enough sleep, and not asking for help when it is needed. 

Show Notes
The Self Control App
The Cold Turkey App
The Freedom App
The Forest App
Learning Commons at UBC.ca, “Use The Pomodoro Technique to Study Efficiently and Take More Breaks”
7 Summit Pathways, “How to Build a Support System”
Online Schools Report, “How to Build a Support System”
Buffalo University, “Developing Your Support System”
Lifehack.org, “Learn to Ask for Help”
Harvard Business Review, “How to Get the Help You Need” 
CNBC.com, “Why Asking for Help is So Hard and How to Get Better At It”

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