Episode 145: The Blame Game

It’s way too easy to blame others and ourselves when things go wrong. But there are more healthy ways to handle problems! In this episode, Dinur and Adam talk about what blame is, why we do it, how it interferes with learning and growing, and what to do instead. Show Notes Peg Streep at Psychology […]

Episode 137: Four Common Self-Respect Mistakes First-Year Students Make

In this week’s episode, Dinur and Adam talk about the common mistakes first-year students when they don’t have enough self-respect. These mistakes include having too many distractions, not having a support system in place, not getting enough sleep, and not asking for help when it is needed.  Show Notes The Self Control App The Cold […]

Episode 136: Four Financial Mistakes First-Year Students Make

Last episode, we talked about the academic mistakes first-year students tend to make. Join Dinur and Adam as we discuss the financial mistakes first-year students need to be aware of, so they don’t make them! Show Notes Nerdwallet.com, “Budgeting for College Students” Nerdwallet.com Budget Worksheet Nerdwallet.com, “Financial Needs vs. Wants” Investopedia.com, “What is the 50/30/20 […]

Episode 135: Four Academic Mistakes First-Year Students Make

Skipping class? Avoiding the professor? Studying only when you think of it? All of these have been identified as common first-year college student mistakes. Join Adam and Dinur as we discuss four common first-year academic mistakes, and how to avoid and correct for them. Show Notes Affordable Colleges Online, “Common First-Year Mistakes” Quora.com, “Why Don’t […]

Episode 117: There’s No Such Thing as “Lazy”

The word “lazy” is a pretty nasty word. It’s negative and abusive. So why do we use it so much? Join Dinur and Adam as we discuss what “lazy” actually means, what we think it means, and what to do about it. Show Notes Medium.com, “Laziness Does Not Exist” Devon Price, Laziness Does Not Exist […]

Episode 111: How to Handle Mistakes

Some mistakes are just embarrassing, and some have possible effects on your grade, your degree, or worse. How do you approach your professor when you’ve made a mistake? Listen to Dinur and Adam talk about different kinds of mistakes and how to handle them!  Show Notes No show notes this episode

Episode 95: The Myths of Learning Styles

Many students – and many teachers – believe that learning styles (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) are real. But research shows that learning styles are neuromyths – beliefs about how the brain works that, when studied, don’t stand up to scrutiny. Join Adam and Dinur as we dig into the learning-styles myth! Show Notes The Atlantic, […]

Episode 77: How to Ask for Help

You’re in class, and something doesn’t quite click for you. You’re lost, but you’re feeling embarrassed or scared to say anything. After all, you’re in college, right? Join Adam and Dinur as we go over how to handle it when you have to ask for help. Show Notes No Show Notes This Episode

Episode 66: Failure Planning With Future You

Many of us don’t realize a lot of our failures and mistakes can be anticipated and planned for, and made less bad as a result. Join Dinur and Adam as we talk about how to use the concept of talking with Future You to failure plan your projects, papers, and other tasks!  Show Notes Brooke […]

Episode 55: How to Handle Mistakes

We all have to learn how to handle mistakes. And the best way of handling them is owning them, acknowledging them, and letting them go. Join Adam and Dinur as we talk about this method of handling mistakes. Click Here to Download This Episode’s Transcript!  Show Notes No show notes this episode

Episode 50: When Life Throws a Curveball

Even the most organized person can get hit by one of life’s curveballs. How do you roll with the punches when this happens? Join Adam and Dinur as we discuss how to handle it when your plans go completely awry! Click Here to Download this Episode’s Transcript! Show Notes No show notes this episode

Spelling Errors, and How to Avoid Them

Many students today tend to “write like they talk.” This means that their writing may not take notice of things like spelling and sound-alike words. In a first draft, that’s understandable. Some students don’t realize that the word they wrote isn’t the word they meant to use. Others are hoping for the best, because they […]

Hold on, let me overthink it.

How to Stop Overthinking

The biggest question I got from my students in emails this past week was: “I keep overthinking tests and assignments. How do I stop overthinking?” Overthinking is a really common problem in high school and college! Part of the reason is that tests are usually high-stress situations, and big assignments often “count” for a lot […]

How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

The other day, I had a student ask me about her start-of-class quiz. She hadn’t done well. “Tell me what happens when you see the questions,” I said. “I always think I know the answer, but then I think I must be wrong, so I choose a different answer.” “And how does that work out?” […]

How can you be sure you know what you know? This blog post will give you one simple step to help you line up your perceptions with reality!

How to Know What You Know: 1 Easy Way to Calibrate Your Self-Confidence

Last week in a private coaching forum I’m part of, one of the members asked: “How do we help our students know that they’re ready for an exam? So many of them are stressing out about getting straight As!” Her description of this student made me think of a poignant moment in Dr. Judith Rapoport’s […]

When a break is over, it can be hard to get back into the school routine. Click here for some ways to make that transition a little easier!

4 Ways to Make Starting the Semester Easier

So the break is almost over, and most college and high school students will be returning to campus soon. For many students, coming back to school after a break is difficult – it’s hard to get back on track, especially if their sleep schedule has gone off the rails during the break, and thinking about […]

Parent of a new college student? Want to help them succeed? Don't go about it the wrong way. Click here for 4 things that don't work and what to do instead!

Tips for Parents: 4 Things to Avoid When Your Kids Go to College

When your child is on the way to college, you want to help them succeed. You’re usually thrilled that your child performed well enough in high school to move on to what many people see as the first real phase of American adulthood. All the AP classes, SAT scores, ACT scores, and acceptance to one or more colleges […]

making mistakes

Why Making Mistakes Is Important

Too many undergraduate students are afraid of making mistakes. It’s not surprising. They’ve spent years in a system where memorization and spitting out information was more important than learning and understanding: the high-stakes standardized testing environment. In that environment, students learn that the person who makes the fewest mistakes gets the best scores, the most […]