Episode 104: Writing as Construction – The Final Draft

Your final draft needs to be three things: clear, concise, and complete. If you’re missing any of these, your draft isn’t final yet. But what does it mean to be clear, concise, and complete? Join Adam and Dinur as we talk about how to go from your first to your final draft.

Show Notes
Commonly Confused Words List
Google Docs SAS Writing Reviser

These resources can also help you identify problems in your writing:

http://faculty.washington.edu/heagerty/Courses/b572/public/StrunkWhite.pdf  https://undergraduateswrite.com
http://kimberlychapman.com/essay/badwriting.html http://faculty.une.edu/cas/jgarrett1/110CommonProb.html http://www.williamcronon.net/handouts/Writing_Rules.htm http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/news/mcintyre/blog/2011/01/shocking_undergraduate_writing.html


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