Episode 7: The Tradeoff

In the information technology world, there’s a saying: “fast, right, cheap – pick any two.” Recently, we realized this also applies to education: “fast, correct, low-stress – pick any two.” In this episode, we’ll talk about the outcomes of each tradeoff, and how to encourage your students – or yourself – to make the one […]

Episode 6: Studying is Just Interacting with the Material

Most students think they know how to study: they read, they re-read, and they re-re-read. But there’s a lot more that goes into studying effectively! In this episode, Adam and Dinur go over several ways to maximize your study time, by identifying and using new ways to interact with the material. You can download the […]

Episode 5: The OLI Method and the Growth mindset

Too often, learners think that there are people with a natural talent for learning, and that they must not be that person, because learning is not easy for them. This is an example of what Carol Dweck calls the “fixed mindset.” In this episode, Adam and Dinur go over these ideas, and how to develop […]

Episode 4: Intellectual Bulimia

In this episode, Dinur and Adam discuss the ever-present student method of “studying” – cramming – which is something that the high school mindset almost demands. But when you get into college prep and college, it stops working! Join us as we talk about how to stop cramming and start studying – and how to […]

Episode 3: Learning is Not a Race

Everything takes time, but students are conditioned to rush. How do we help them slow down – or even understand why it’s important? In this episode, Dinur and Adam go over some ways to help students slow down and improve their work! Click here to download the PDF of this episode’s transcript!  Show Notes The […]

Episode 2: Pulling Back The Curtain

As a student, do you sometimes wonder why your professors set up the syllabus the way they do, what we expect you to learn, or why we require you to write a term paper? In this episode, Adam and Dinur go over a few things professors have to do when we put a class together […]

Episode 1: What We’re About

In this episode, Adam and Dinur introduce themselves and talk about what they plan for this podcast. They start with a few main issues that teachers and students face. They’ll also talk about how this podcast will be organized! Download the PDF transcript of this episode by clicking here. Show NotesMary-Ann Winkelmes’ Transparent Teaching Archive