Episode 131: Responding to Difficult People

In our last episode, we talked about how to deal with difficult people before they get really difficult. In this episode, Adam and Dinur talk about ways to respond to difficult people once they’re already doing things that get on your nerves. Show Notes No show notes this episode

Episode 130: How to Deal With Difficult People

We’ve all had to deal with that person – the one who irritates us, or seems to be angry all the time, or doesn’t follow through on their part of the group project. But how we deal with them can make a real difference to our stress levels. Join Dinur and Adam as we talk […]

Episode 19: Why We Judge Ourselves

We all judge ourselves sometimes. That’s normal. But how much of this judgment is actually helpful, and how much of it is unnecessary, or even harmful? Join Dinur and Adam for a discussion of when to know you’ve crossed that line!  Click here to download this episode’s transcript!  Show Notes Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School […]

One Professor’s Response to the Topic of Neurodiversity

In a recent Twitter chat for PhDs, where the topic was “neurodiversity,” it became clear that many professors are working with very little information about what it means for a student to be neurodiverse. (Neurodiversity refers to situations where a person’s brain is “wired differently” than other people’s, and includes a range of diagnoses including […]