Resources for Students


The skills you need the most are the soft skills that apply across all classes, and I can help you with a lot of them, but I don’t claim to have all the answers. Are you struggling with a particular class or a particular subject? There are all kinds of resources on the web and elsewhere that can help you achieve your goals as a student. As I find them, I’ll link them here for you so you don’t have to wait to get started!

Study Skills Resources

CollegeInfoGeek is one of the best resources around for study skills. Between podcasts, blog posts, YouTube videos, and downloadable resources, he makes sure that you have what you need to succeed. He also has advice on job searches and getting out of debt. Practical, funny, useful AND helpful – what’s not to like?
WTFProfessor is a great resource for anyone who’s struggling with physics, engineering, math, or other sciences.
Speaking of math, BetterExplained helps you through all those tricky math issues that college inevitably slaps you with.
James Clear’s site has numerous tips on how to improve your habits. Try this article on improving habits by 1% at a time for starters!

Writing Resources

When it comes to a great overview for correcting writing problems, I can’t recommend a better source than Purdue OWL. 
Julia M. Garret gives a medium-range overview of problems that many undergraduate students face in writing. 
If you need to dig down into the nitty-gritty, on the other hand, William Cronon has published a comprehensive list of issues that writers often run into, along with suggestions for how to correct them. Whether it’s spelling, syntax, or style, he’ll have an item that talks about your problem.
Have your teachers told you you’re too wordy, that you over-write, or that your paper uses big words without a good reason? can help you tighten up your writing so it’s clear and understandable.
Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips offer a surprising range of information about not just which words to use, but why you should use them.
The Grammar Education Guide from SuperSummary has a ton of in-depth info about grammar resources, if grammar’s not your thing.

Research Resources

Have you run into an issue with not citing correctly, or not citing at all? will identify possible plagiarism in your work and point it out to you, so you can catch it before you turn it in.
Another great plagiarism checker is at 
Still having trouble understanding citation? has a really helpful page on that.
Need help with citation style? Bibme will help you get that in order in nothing flat.
Problems keeping up with all the citations you’ve downloaded? Zotero will let you manage it all in one place – either a browser extension or a downloadable desktop app.
Having trouble planning your research? Julia M. Garrett’s got that covered here. 

Time Management Resources

James Clear’s page on habit-formation and time management is a fantastic resource for anyone. I’ve learned how to develop better habits and get moving on my goals with his weekly newsletter. James is clear and to the point without being preachy; he’s worth a read or two.
Habitica will take your need to form a habit and turn it into a game. It’s easy and it’s fun!
If procrastination is your problem, Tim Urban at Wait But Why.Com has explanations and help, with diagrams and pictures, to help you get out of procrastination and on with your life.
If you need more college-centered time management help, CollegeLife at About.Com has several articles on those issues. 

Career and Scholarship Resources is a comprehensive resource for students thinking about pursing a career in the field of counseling by offering a step by step guide on counseling specialties, degree offerings and licensure/certification information.
Counseling Degrees Online provides a look at how online counseling programs are growing at not-for-profit universities, including tips for pursuing a graduate behavioral counseling program while you’re working, and a list of top educational programs in this area. For a specific look at these issues in psychology programs, you can also go here. is a resource for students who are thinking about pursuing a career in mental health and addiction rehabilitation. They offer solid statistics about the profession and other help for people who want to get into this field.
Need to put together a presentation? Slidebot is a versatile online tool that can help you put it together in minutes!

Mental Health Resources

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or stress, Maryville University Online has a good resource page on mental health for college students. 
Western Governors University offers this resource: Stress in College Students – How to Cope.

Financial Aid Resources

LendEdu has a comparison page for people who need private student loans to make ends meet in college.

More resources to come as I find them! If you have one to recommend, please email it to me at!