How to Create and Use a Practice Test

As final exams approach on the calendar, many students resort to the “cram and jam” method of learning. While this is understandable, it’s also not going to help – cramming never does. In past posts on this blog, I’ve recommended self-quizzing, which is a scientifically-supported way to get better scores on exams. But I don’t […]

How to Prepare for Final Exams

When you’re staring down the barrel of finals week, you may begin to feel a little panicky. This is normal! And just like everything else, if you plan for it, it makes it less stressful. Here’s a quick checklist to follow for each of your final exams. What Will The Exam Look Like? First, find […]

Hold on, let me overthink it.

How to Stop Overthinking

The biggest question I got from my students in emails this past week was: “I keep overthinking tests and assignments. How do I stop overthinking?” Overthinking is a really common problem in high school and college! Part of the reason is that tests are usually high-stress situations, and big assignments often “count” for a lot […]

3 Ways to Cope With Test Stress

Almost every student I’ve ever met stresses out about tests. Whether it’s a quiz, a midterm, or a final exam, it’s one of the most stressful things students cope with. And it’s no wonder – we live in a society that prioritizes test scores! But research has also shown that going into a test stressed […]

How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

The other day, I had a student ask me about her start-of-class quiz. She hadn’t done well. “Tell me what happens when you see the questions,” I said. “I always think I know the answer, but then I think I must be wrong, so I choose a different answer.” “And how does that work out?” […]