Episode 118: How to Thank Your Professors

You’ve had a class that was just absolutely fantastic, and you’d like your professor to know it. What are the best ways of showing that appreciation? Believe it or not, there are good and bad ways – join Dinur and Adam as we discuss them! Show Notes No show notes this episode

Episode 83: How Teachers Perceive Students Who Work Full-Time

You’re a college student, but primarily have to take night classes, or can only go to classes on specific days, and you’re worried. You work full time but want to keep your grades high, but you’re worried that working full-time is stigmatizing somehow. Join Adam and Dinur as we discuss how teachers perceive students who […]

Episode 67: When Your Professor’s Not Responding

An emergency comes up. You need to miss class for some time, and one of your professors won’t reply to the email you sent out. What do you do? Join Adam and Dinur as we talk about how to handle this situation. Show Notes No show notes this episode

Episode 59: Letters of Recommendation

You’ve decided you want to go to grad school, law school, or med school. Along with standardized test scores and GPAs, you have to get letters of recommendation. But what do you need to know about getting these letters? Join Adam and Dinur as we discuss letters of recommendation. Show Notes No Show Notes This […]

Episode 47: How to Talk to Professors About Your Grades

Talking to professors about your grade can help you get some perspective on them. However, there are good and bad ways to go about this. Join Dinur and Adam as we outline what to avoid and what to do when you need to talk to your professor about your grades. Click Here to Download This […]

Many college students don't know what to talk about when they go to office hours. Here's 5 things you could talk about - and probably should!

5 Things to Talk About When You Go to Office Hours

Some people think that when you go to office hours, it’s like going to the principal’s office was in grade school. A lot of students are intimidated by their professors, so this isn’t surprising. But if you don’t go to office hours, you’re cheating yourself out of an amazing resource that can really help you […]

3 Steps to Make College Easier in Week 1

When the college semester starts, everything is new. You have new classes, new classmates, new professors, new expectations – and if it’s your first semester, you might also have a new roommate and a new dorm room. All that “new” can be pretty overwhelming! Here’s a few ways to make the first week of college […]

One Professor’s Response to the Topic of Neurodiversity

In a recent Twitter chat for PhDs, where the topic was “neurodiversity,” it became clear that many professors are working with very little information about what it means for a student to be neurodiverse. (Neurodiversity refers to situations where a person’s brain is “wired differently” than other people’s, and includes a range of diagnoses including […]

email your professor

How to Email Your Professor – and When to Avoid It!

You have to email your professor about something. You know how to use email, right? It’s old-school: open up the program or the web browser, and type something like this: Yo, When is the test? Or maybe you’d rather say: Dear Professor Chris Smith, I write to you to urgently express my concern that the […]