Episode 129: How to Say No

Last time, we talked about how to be assertive with professors and classmates. In this episode, join Adam and Dinur as they talk about ways to approach being assertive, as well as how to handle it when the other person is angry, accusatory, or resistant – and finally, how to say no in ways that […]

Episode 128: How to Be Assertive

Being assertive is a necessary skill in today’s world, but too many times, we aren’t taught it. In fact, being assertive is discouraged in many cultures because it’s seen as rude or aggressive. But assertiveness is something students need to learn, if they’re going to manage and control their educational experience. It’s what helps you […]

Episode 110: Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch is hard enough when we’re all on campus. But how do you maintain solid relationships with classmates, peers, and professors in the middle of a pandemic? Join Dinur and Adam as we talk about how to handle this problem! Show Notes Timely’s Self-Care Tips for College Students Ways to Stay Connected During […]

Episode 79: How to Foster Non-Divisiveness in the Classroom

Should students be calling one another out when the discussions get contentious? What are the limits that we should consider? In this episode, by listener request, Adam and Dinur talk about different ways to manage this kind of divisiveness in the classroom. Show Notes No Show Notes This Episode

Episode 76: Giving (And Receiving) Effective Feedback

Giving and receiving effective constructive feedback is a part of academic life (not to mention the workplace), but it is something that students struggle with. The key is finding areas in the work that are strong and recognizing them, and figuring out not only where work should be strengthened, but also how to do so. Join […]

Episode 68: Handling Difficult In-Class Conversations

With all that’s currently happening in the United States, teachers – and students – have to be prepared to have difficult conversations with one another. How can we have productive conversations about learning and action, instead of shouting matches in class? Join Dinur and Adam as we discuss this issue. Show Notes Roslyn R. Cecelia […]

Episode 67: When Your Professor’s Not Responding

An emergency comes up. You need to miss class for some time, and one of your professors won’t reply to the email you sent out. What do you do? Join Adam and Dinur as we talk about how to handle this situation. Show Notes No show notes this episode