Episode 92: How College is Different From High School

High school prepares you for a lot of things, but college isn’t one of them! In this episode, Adam and Dinur talk about five main ways college is different from high school. We suggest how high schoolers can prepare, how high school teachers can help their seniors to be more college-ready, and how college teachers […]

Episode 90: An Interview With Professor Tanya Nieri

In this episode, Dinur and Adam interview Professor Tanya Nieri of UC Riverside, about what it’s like teaching at the most diverse campus in the University of California system, and some of her best tools for working with diverse populations. Show Notes No show notes this episode

Episode 85: Being a Student-Athlete

A lot of research has been done on student-athletes – most recently, Dinur’s new book, Sports, Study, or Sleep. In this episode, Adam and Dinur talk about how the perceptions of, and support for, student-athletes has changed over time, and what more needs to be done for this specific student population. Show Notes Dinur’s book, Sports, […]