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Do You Know How to Study?

How many of these sound like you?

  • School is driving me nuts! I can’t keep track of what I’m supposed to do or when it’s due. I’m in over my head and I feel like I’m drowning.
  • I study until my head hurts, and I still get bad grades. I don’t know how to study.
  • I’m afraid of my teachers. The idea of going to office hours, or even raising my hand in class, is a nightmare.
  • I keep thinking I have enough time and then all of a sudden, I have to complete five assignments in one night! It’s like the only thing that motivates me is panic and a deadline that’s too close for comfort.
  • School has eaten my life! I don’t have time for friends, I don’t have time for fun, and I’m getting discouraged. Trying to study takes up all my time.
  • I know I can do better than this, but I don’t know how to start.

If any (or all!) of these sound like you, you’re not alone!

How would it feel if you could sound more like this?

  • I’m on top of my work and I have time for fun, too.
  • Grades are important, but they don’t run my life.
  • I know how to break down my assignments and schedule them so I can get them done before they’re due.
  • I understand the unspoken expectations that a lot of my teachers have, and I can work with them.
  • I don’t have to procrastinate because I know how to study, and I get my work done on time with low stress.
  • I don’t have to worry about late-night cramming sessions, stress attacks, study headaches, lost sleep, or last-minute half-done work any more.
  • I have more time to spend with my friends and family, and we never have arguments about schoolwork.
  • I’m getting better grades, less stress, more sleep, and more free time!

Can you really help me?

Yes! I am a trained Anti-Boring Approach™ Coach. What I can teach you has worked for:

  • Brand-new and struggling college students
  • High-school students who are heading for college soon
  • Middle-school students who know college is in their future
  • Students who want to learn how to study and improve their grades
  • Students who are working while going to school
  • Students who are taking college classes part-time
  • Students who are going back to school after several years away

Of course, it works best if you are the kind of person who

  • Wants to learn how to study, so that you have more free time and better grades
  • Wants to get the best benefit from your hard work
  • Wants to succeed and is willing to learn new ways to achieve that goal

It sounds good, but what if….

… I already have too much to do and not enough time? How am I going to find any extra time for coaching?

Most of my students start out this way – trying to figure out where time to learn how to study is going to come from! That’s where I come in. In just an hour a week, we get your life back on track and develop personalized strategies to help you get things done. You’ll be amazed at how much free time you’ll have once you put what you learn in coaching into effect in your life.

… I’m not organized, and I never have been? How will coaching help me when I can’t find my books or my homework?

Being organized is a skill – it’s learned. There may be people who seem “born organized,” but I promise you, they learned it just like you can. There’s a lot of science about the brain and how it works that backs this up: the key to getting organized is by learning how to get organized, one small step at a time. As you develop small habits, they become tools that help you keep track of your books and your homework, study more effectively, and stay on top of your work. I have helped hundreds of students develop these skills and relieve their stress about studying. You can learn them too.

… I’m uncomfortable about having to work with someone on something that I should already know how to do? How will coaching help me when I feel so embarrassed about not knowing how to study?

I understand how this feels! I was raised to believe that I was so smart that I should just automatically know everything I needed to know about studying, managing my time, and planning out my work. But even if you’re smart, these aren’t things that come naturally. Just like being organized, they have to be learned. During coaching, I’ll help you work through some of those “shoulds,” by being supportive and pointing out things you might not have thought of yet. My goal isn’t to make you feel bad about not already knowing these things – it’s to help you learn them so you can succeed.

… I live in another city, state, or time zone? How does coaching work if you’re two hours ahead of me (or behind me)?

The great thing about the modern world is that we have new ways to connect! I have always conducted my coaching sessions virtually through Zoom, and it works just as well as in-person sessions. There’s no travel – you can stay in the comfort of your bedroom or dorm room while we work. We can share our screens, edit documents together, and discuss what you’re looking at in real-time. Most of my students find the virtual system as good as, if not better than, an in-person meeting.

… I just want to read how to do this on my own? Is there a book I can read instead of coaching?

There are plenty of books about organization, time management, and how to study out there – but they’re missing one crucial element. That element is support and accountability. Having a coach holds you accountable to following through on what you’ve said you’re going to do. Too often, a book will sit and gather dust after you’ve read it, because there’s no accountability. Having a coach is often the key difference between reading about how to do something, and actually doing it.

Here’s what other students say

“Adam walked me through steps I can take regarding time management, commitments to the work that I had to do… what I can do to motivate myself to get the work that needed to be gotten done, done – and properly complete bigger and smaller projects as efficiently and thoroughly as it can be done, without anxieties or deterrents, both internal and external.” – Eli, college client

“I notice that there’s progress. I always have a plan now. Every time I come off a session now, I’m always thinking of what I need to do next.” – William, high-school client

Why should I work with Adam?

I can give you the professor’s-eye view of your situation.

I’ve been teaching college for more than ten years, and working with students who struggle just like you are struggling now. I’ve taught sociology, criminology, and workshop after workshop on how to study and how to succeed in school. As a coach, I’ve worked with students all over the country from California to New York, helping them master difficult subjects, maneuver situations with teachers, professors and classmates, improve their grades, and achieve their goals. I know what kinds of challenges you’re going to face, and I know how to help you get through them.

I know what it’s like to struggle to study – and what it’s like to recover.

I was a gifted kid, but I never learned how to organize my time, my tools, or my talents. As a result, by the time I got to the middle of high school, I was lost, and when I got to college, I crashed and burned – and dropped out. When I went back ten years later, I realized that my time in the workforce had installed a lot of the skills I’d needed in my late teens, and I excelled. Since then, I’ve helped student after student do the same thing. I have been there, and I’m not going to judge you for where you are.

I love working with motivated students.

Seeing students succeed is my favorite thing. Every time I see someone realize how to do a difficult task, or how to manage a requirement that confused them, I want to dance around the room. I know that you have the ability to succeed, as long as you have the right strategies and tools, and I want to provide those for you so you can. Watching you succeed is why I became a coach!

So, let’s talk!

If this makes sense to you, just take these steps:

  1. Apply for a complimentary 60-minute strategy session with me by clicking this link and filling out the application form.
  2. Schedule a time for us to meet using the Calendly link that will show up after you send the form – it’s easy!

I look forward to seeing you soon!