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4 Twitter Accounts College-Bound Students Should Follow TODAY

Whether you’re getting ready to apply to college, visit campuses, apply for financial aid, or depart for your chosen school, the amount of information you have to process and understand may seem overwhelming. The Internet, Facebook, and even Twitter accounts can be confusing for college-bound students because there’s so much information. Even worse, you don’t know who to ask for help!

Don’t worry. If you feel like you’re trapped in a mountain of confusing and contradictory information about the best way to get into college, here are four Twitter accounts college-bound students should follow, that are focused in clearing out the confusion!

SCV_Twitter_Avatar_2_400x400SmartCollegeVisit (@collegevisit) is a great Tweep to follow if you want to know about anything from your college application essay to financial aid to the best place to stay when you’re visiting a campus. Not only do they have a Twitter account, but they link back to a wealth of information on their website, They also host #CampusChat, which features expert speakers that can really help you with important topics!

Twitter accounts college-bound students

bloyEWWO_400x400TheScholarshipSystem (@ScholarshipSYS) has an incredible website offering a wealth of information about (you guessed it) scholarships. They offer a free webinar about the entire scholarship process. They also help with applications to medical and law schools! If it’s about scholarships, you’ll find it on ScholarshipSYS’s feed and webpage.


Lnxn82XM_400x400SuzanneShaffer (@SuzanneShaffer) is a college prep expert. She operates the blog “Parents Countdown to College Coach,” and while many of her posts are aimed more at the parents of college students, there’s a lot of good advice for students, too. For example, her recent post “How to Excel in College” is aimed directly at college students. She’s also quite firm with her suggestions – she doesn’t mince words! If you want the real deal on what you need to do to be prepared for college, she’s the Tweep to follow.


YMenAsxN_400x400Welcome to Ivy Ready (@IvyReady) is the blog for anyone who wants to get into an Ivy-League school, but it also has great advice for tailoring your applications to other colleges. Former admissions officers will go over your applications with a fine-tooth comb to maximize your chances of getting admitted to the school you really want to attend. They also operate a newsletter that is jam-packed with great information for new college-bound students and returning college students.


These four Tweeps provide you with all kinds of FREE information on scholarships, applications, campus visits and what you’ll have to do when you actually arrive. So what are you waiting for? Go follow them right now!


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